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 about the podcast

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Anna Barnard and Maria Ramsey are two sort-of-adult cousins with shared passions for art, writing, music, holistic health, and fun socks.

Baby Anna, along with her her twin sister Martha, was the inspiration for some of Maria’s earliest artistic work. Six-year-old Maria was so enamored with these two tiny humans that she proceeded to write and illustrate a series of duct-tape bound books singing their praises.

Anna and Maria have been collaborating on creative projects ever since Anna was old enough to “do stuff,” which was a very exciting time for young Maria. Little cousins are always great, but they’re even more fun when you can write and perform outlandish theatrical productions together.

Never Wear Boring Socks is their latest collaboration, and as usual, they’ve managed to drag their siblings into the project. Martha provided them with the melodious mandolin interludes you hear between episode segments, and Maria’s brother Ben graciously agreed to be the podcast’s audio editor. He also helped Maria write and record the theme song.

about the hosts 

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Anna Barnard identifies as a writer, musician, crafter, and feminist and is currently fulfilling the role of college student. An English and religion major, she pursues her passion for fiction writing as much as she can while also exploring how we make meaning out of our spiritual lives. Anna believes that creativity is not just a trait we possess, but a lifestyle we cultivate, and is working on developing her own creative life. In spare moments, she enjoys picking up new knowledge about holistic wellness from her mother, an integrative medicine physician. Never Wear Boring Socks helps Anna take her creative life more seriously, and she loves the weekly excuse to show off her flashy socks.

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Maria Ramsey is interested in pretty much all of the artistic things, because they allow her to express beauty, create connection, and affirm her belief in magic. In addition to this podcast (which is helping her to fulfill the recommendation of a career aptitude test she took in college that told her she should be a radio or TV talk show host), her creative focus is currently on an illustrated book of poetry for children.

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