A podcast for creatives about how to nourish our art and ourselves
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A podcast for creatives about how to nourish our art and ourselves

Hosted by two sock-obsessed cousins

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Weekly discussions about creativity, art, writing, self care, wellness, holistic health. . . and fun socks

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Hi friend!

You’re probably here because you’re a fellow creative sole. (yes, we made a sock pun… #sorrynotsorry) You’re writing the poems, starting the Etsy shop, recording the EP, drawing the drawings. Or maybe you’re still in the daydreaming phase—that’s cool too! In case, you may have noticed:

It’s hard to find time for creativity.

You know it’s important, but you also don’t want to spend all of your spare moments working furiously on your novel. You believe (or you’ve heard, at least) that these things called “self care” and “wellness” and “balance” are probably important.

Butttt when you try to do all the wellness things, it can feel like you are just adding more things to your to-do list (and your shopping list!). Or you feel like you keep learning that all of the things you love are terrible for you, according to somebody somewhere with a degree in something.

We get it. We’re also trying to figure this thing out. What we do know is:

1. Our health deserves a creative approach, because it’s definitely not one-size-fits-all.

2. As artists, we need to create in order to be well.

Our plan for shedding some light on the topic? Talking about it! On a podcast, of course, because it’s 2019 and that’s where people have thoughtful conversations these days. Plus, that way other creative soles can listen in :)


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